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Harry Maguire’s Remarkable EA FC 24 Upgrade After November POTM Triumph

After winning Premier League Player of the Month (POTM) in November, Harry Maguire of Manchester United has, in an astonishing turn of events, got one of the biggest upgrades in the history of EA FC 24. In addition to revitalizing his career, Maguire’s spectacular return to form has sparked a spike in his FIFA 24 Ultimate Team ratings.

The 30-year-old defender, who kept three straight clean sheets against Fulham, Luton, and Everton last month, was instrumental in Manchester United’s three straight triumphs. He soared to the top thanks to his exceptional defensive efforts and his leadership in several important defensive metrics, and he was duly nominated for the POTM award.

In FC 24, Maguire’s base card had a pace rating of 46, which was a little lower than the previous year. But his POTM card has seen an incredible upgrade that has sent his pace through the roof to 82—a startling gain of 36 points. This improvement highlights his improved agility and is a reflection of his outstanding on-field performances.

However, the improvements don’t end there. Maguire’s dribbling and passing statistics have increased significantly, by 15 and seven points, respectively. His physical traits and defense have also improved by eight and six points, respectively, establishing his position as a defensive powerhouse.

The POTM card has two portions that players must finish and costs 84,000 coins, according to Futbin. It is accessible through a special SBC on EA FC 24. The SBC can be completed by fans until January 8th, giving them plenty of time to collect the cash or players needed for submission.

Couldn’t have done it without my teammates, the staff, and you fans, Maguire wrote on Instagram in appreciation of the love he received from them all. We are aware of your support and love. Thank you very much.

With a strong showing against Chelsea 2-1 last Saturday, Maguire and his United colleagues should be able to build on their winning run when they take on Bournemouth at Old Trafford on Saturday.

With his win in November, Maguire joins the esteemed group of past champions from this season, which also includes Mo Salah (October), Son Heung-Min (September), and James Maddison (August). The defender’s incredible improvement is evidence of his outstanding efforts on the field, and FIFA 24 gamers are anxious to witness the freshly minted POTM’s enhanced prowess.

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